Amazing fantastic weird questions about animals

We postulate that Science may continue to expand its reach permanently; and we wonder why we have no obvious wonders; and we believe Religion while brushing aside the absence of description for past wonders . These stand as intricate products, and the answers are uncertain ; and that unpredictability speaks to us likely not being close to the reality . Nevertheless, here in the page our focus is on the science and its interesting facts . Essentially , science is the study of theory, its verification through observation and experimentation to validate those observations in the context of the theory. Go to the page and discover some special facts . So search for most interesting facts about science today. If you’re trying to search for freaky animal facts, you have actually land on the outstanding blog post. via oddee


A fetus can get trapped inside of its twin

 Male seahorses can get pregnant

Animals can naturally explode

Fly larvae helps to heal wounds quicker

Belly button lint comes from your underwear

The Moon is moving away from the Earth

Poisoning can make masses to dance hysterically


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