Amazing genuine best of my strange addiction

If you believe that addiction might describe just taking alcohol, tobacco or heroine then you need to participate in this url to change your understanding. Here you will be familiar with about some odd addictions that can make you surprised . Did you understand that desire to take ice often can be a dependency and going through plastic surgery is likewise another dependency. There are some unusual addictions talked about in this website elaborately. Click the link and have a look at whether you have any of these dependencies that you may unknown as dependency at all. So check out my strange addiction stories right now. If you’re looking for weirdest episodes of my strange addiction, you have actually land on the awesome web page. via oddee


Teeth Whitening Addiction

Geophagy: addiction to Dirt

Addiction to Funerals

Pagophagia: addiction to Ice

Addiction to Cosmetic Surgery

CrackBerry: addiction to BlackBerry

Tanorexia: addiction to Tannings


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