Amazing perfect picture of tumor

Tumors are actually horrifying when these are found in the outer part of the body and a few of these tumors have actually paced up the growth on award put on the body. There are various people which suffering from this severe illness and there are numerous factors behind the growth of this growth. There are various sort of people beginning from young to older, who are significantly experiencing tumors . In some cases these growths grow on the face and sometimes they have their growth in legs or neck other places . If you are interested to understand about these various growths you can have a look at the link. So have a look at the biggest face in the world now. If you’re exploring for giant growth stories, you have actually stay on the right lading page. via oddee


Chantal S├ębire: Suffered from esthesioneuroblastoma, died through euthanasia

Phuon: another facial tumor, no luck

Lai Ti Dao: 10 pound (4.5KG) tumor on her face

Gao An-ni: tumor in her underlip

Chen Zongtao: 154 pound (70kg) tumor on his right leg

Huang Liqian: 33 pound (15Kg) tumor on his neck

Huang Chuncai: 44 pound (20kg) tumor on his face

Jose: the man with no face


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