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There are lots of nations are situated throughout the whole world. In the case of each and every country , the shape and the design change from each other. Here, in the above mentioned link you will find some great quality and innovative designs of the flags. A flag brings the identity of the country and so you will find some crucial signs in the designs of the flags. If you are interested enough with the different innovative designs of the flags and you wish to check out the designs also , just click the above link and you will be present in front of the huge stocks of flag designs. So look into flags of the world and names immediately. If you’re trying to search for green country flag, you have actually come on the incredible page. via oddee



Nepal is the only country in the world that doesn’t have a rectangular flag; Nepalese flag is shaped like two overlapping triangles. via (source)

Lombardy (Italy)

Lombardy in Italy must have invented the game of Jacks, mustn’t it? Not much else can explain this flag, that is simple to point of boredom, but still includes a slightly nauseous shade of green. via source

Central African Republic

The Central African Republic’s flag has managed to make an incredibly busy flag with just five straight lines, and one lonely star. via source

U.S. Virgin Islands

via source

Northern Marianas Islands

Northern Marianas Islands’ flag appears to have been created from clip art. via source


Bhutan’s flag wins the award for the most bad-ass ever


Kyrgyzstan is that a tennis ball on this flag?


via source

Antwerp (Belgium)

via source


via source

Isle of Man

via source

Fryslan (Netherlands)

Someone from Fryslan in the Netherlands must love Frogger. Or Chinese fortune cookies. Either way, they made this flag odd and ugly enough to be our first on the list. via source

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