Extremely cool brandon lee death scene

This really list comes with the name of 9 popular films which holds a dreadful secret behind it. Here you will find motion pictures like The Conqueror, The Twilight Zone, The Crow, XXX, Top Gun and lots of more like these which ended up being terrific crowd pullers, however extremely couple of knows that while its recording was going on, lives were lost due to unfortunate incidents . Read the details below every image and you will have a glimpse about exactly what happened which took the lives. These stories are unknowned by lots of. Be the one to unfold the trick. So start searching for twilight zone movie accident right now. If you are trying to search for actors from twilight, you have actually land on the right lading page. via oddee


Troy (2004): hurricanes, a broken leg, and ironically, Brad Pitt’s achilles tendon

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Jumper (2008): set dresser fatally struck by frozen debris

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The Return of the Musketeers (1989): actor Roy Kinnear felt from his horse and died

During the filming of the 1989 movie The Return of the Musketeers


The Final Season (2007): a camera man, killed on a helicopter crash

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Top Gun (1986): an aerobatic pilot crashed after his scene

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XXX (2002): Vin Diesel’s stuntman smashed into a bridge and died

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The Crow (1994): Brandon Lee, killed by a prop .44 Magnum

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The Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983): a helicopter decapitated three actors

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The Conqueror (1956): the radioactive set that caused cancer to John Wayne and 90 more


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