Extremely cool comedy happy birthday song

Parody tunes are made generally particularly for the entertainment functions of the readers. Parody tune is really an amusing change and adjustment of the songs developed by the artists. Normally exactly what the parody composers do is, they change the lyrics of the tune in to something funny and attempt keep the tune and music of the song exact same so that people can relate it. After making this modification they also aim to alter the video of the song where we get to see individuals doing funny traits. Here in this above mentioned link we get to see some completely parody of all time of some of the most favorite song of ours. So look into easy songs to make a parody immediately. If you are searching for funny popular songs, you have actually come on the awesome lading page. via oddee


The eBay Song

I’d Chop Off My Head For You!

I’m dreaming of your… never mind

California Gurls are… what?

Whatever… don’t matter….

I’m Beautiful….

Christina Aquilera brought us “Beautiful,” but MadTV tells it like it is with “Virginal.”

Tik Tok

Hey There, Vagina


Perform This Way

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