Extremely cute funny magazine articles

Do you have ever thought newspaper headings can make you laugh? Obviously not as constantly something major things are covered by the newspaper media. Well reading these headings will make you laugh for sure. Also you can click the image for reading the total short article online. The news are about some fantastic personalities such as Alton attorney , well-known hockey player Tiger Woods, volunteers looking for old aircrafts used in civil war, the picture of Jolie in pregnant form , disappearance of army car , ten rules, federal agents messing up the gun shop , Miss Universe declared and discovering weapons of there. So start searching for silly news you may need. If you’re finding for funny newsletter names, you have actually land on the appropriate lading page. via oddee


Here’s the winner of a local dog look-alike contest… He does look exactly like his dog!

Mistress of the universe… Now that sounds like a lot of work!

“I wouldn’t do it again” says the hero, “she’s been a pain this week”

“This is an artist’s conception of the Mount Pleasant High School football field Friday after an electrical transformer blew, knocking out the stadium lights.”

Yeah, don’t you hate those guys at DOE who do the NEPA’s EIS on BNFL’s AMWTP at INEEL after SRA protests?

What goes around, comes around! Click the pic to read the article online.

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