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Usually arrests are done for dedicating any sort of offense but there are some uncommon arrests which are done on the basis of the specified law of the concerned country . In some cases , you might find some strange arrest for committing offense which may apparently appear unusual but according the country law, there is some seriousness in it. Sometimes these arrests might seem ineffective, after one does anything awkward offense. If you are interested to understand about all of these unusual arrests, you can quickly have a look at the link. You can also get the information of these arrests from the link. So look out for hilarious sex acts you may need. If you are browsing for stupid sex acts, you have actually stay on the perfect lading page. via oddee


The Man who got arrested for having sex with street signs

via: Verle Peter Dills

The Man who got arrested for farting at policeman

via: Jose Cruz

The Woman who got arrested for selling pierced cats

via: Holly Crawford

The Deaf man who got arrested for swearing at police in sign language

The Boy who got arrested for opening his Xmas gift too early

via: South Carolina boy

The Man who got arrested for shouting naked at trees

via: Dieter Braun

The Man who got caught having sex with a picnic table

via: Art Price Jr

The 88-year-old Grandma who got arrested for not returning a kid’s ball

via: Edna Jester

The Goat who got arrested for armed robbery

via: one man who “turned himself” into a goat

Dumb and Dumber: Bandits rob a bank, pose with loot, get arrested


via: Anthony Prince, 20, and Luke Carroll, 19

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