Extremely unique popeye tattoo on forearm

To some individuals, tattoos imply a lot as it showcases their belief and trust on a certain object or topic. The art of making a tattoo is something which deserves praise . Here in this segment you will get presented to few of the tattoo designs which displays optical impression and you cannot assist yourself from gazing at them for a prolonged period . Have a look at the designs and you will be left with no other choice that applauding the artist behind all these fantastic designs. If you wish you can likewise get motivated and get them done on your body.??So start searching for 3d illusion tattoos you always needed. If you’re trying to check for jesus tattoo designs, you have come on the incredible lading page. via oddee


Another skull illusion with a romantic side. (Source)


Tattoo by NEO (a.k.a. DeLaine Gilma) at Stichfreudig Tattoo Studio in Z├╝rich, Switzerland. (Source | Via)


What do you see, birds or fish? (Source)


Another tattoo inspired by Escher’s impossible art. (Source)


In this picture, repetitive lines and geometric shapes become a trippy mandala tattoo. (Source)


An impossible cube. (Source | Via)


Green skull optical illusion tattoo. (Source)


Amazing illusion of Jesus’ face created with a an image of his crucifixion. (Source)


M.C. Escher-inspired tattoo.


Absolutely amazing optical illusion head tattoo by @coryferguson. (Source)


This Popeye the Sailor Man tattoo on a client’s forearm gives the impression of Popeye’s fist blending into the customer’s hand. (Source)



(via | source )

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