Highly cute fox news fails

The way news gets provided has undergone a sea modification in the recent years due to improvements that have been made in the field of graphic technology . It might be a rare occasion as a lot of work goes on earns this a prefect presentation yet there are times, when humorous errors take location . This not just make the commoners laugh but likewise make the news entirely various. If you have actually never faced such situations then this is the post that you have to read . The images and stories that have been depicted here will help you in getting a great take a look at it. So take a look at Chyrons today. If you’re looking for news graphics, you have come on the amazing blog post. via oddee


Spelling the word “Maine” here would have made a world of difference. (Photo)


“One Nation Under A Groove” (Photo)


This isn’t a chyron fail – as far as puns go, it’s definitely a win in my book! (Photo)


Is the graphics team at Fox News smarter than a fifth grader? Probably not. (Photo)


No reports of any disruptions on Saturn. (Photo)


Lets hope so. (Photo)


This news graphics team believes “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” (Photo)


The recipes are part of a book called To Serve Man. (Photo)


That’s it – I’m not going outside tomorrow. (Photo)


Either a mistake or Halle Berry is in line for another Oscar. (Photo)



At least they got the “south” part right. (Photo)

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