Highly special fake army id card

Yes, identity cards can be the face of your existence but the page has something incredible to say . Go to the page and you will get to see, how, some crazy ID cards have gone viral and you will know why the ID cards are unique among the sorts. Yes, they are identity cards however they are not standard and offer your amusing bones a jerk. Just go to the page and go on reading. The article has actually not collected the pictures rather has actually shared some of the most anticipated details in addition to the stories. So take a look at best superman picture ever you may need. If you are searching for funny face cards, you have land on the incredible blog post.  via oddee







Can’t argue with that…

Some of the best school ID cards from our friends at CollegeHumor:





This Dutchman dressed as the The Joker from Batman, managed to get himself a national ID card (and some press), despite supposedly stringent new rules which outlaw grins, funny faces, and head coverings from passport pics.

Best US passport ever. 
The hawaiian flower necklace, a set of pincers as beard, the facial expression… priceless.


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