Highly wonderful mr lagerfeld

The imaginative director of Fendi and Chanel has an enormous collection of publications that stack from the floor to the ceiling. Lagerfeld’s rows and rows of books line the walls of his home , requiring a catwalk to access the upper parts of the stacks. Because of their landscape orientation, he doesn’t have to tilt his go to read the titles, indicating he can breeze to the book that he really desires. The horizontal piling looks significant, particularly matched with the minimalist design and contemporary furnishings. It does, however , present a logistical problem : if Lagerfeld desires a book on the bottom of the stack, he needs to pull it out versus the weight of what ‘s on top. So start searching for mr lagerfeld right now. If you are exploring for lagerfeld by karl lagerfeld, you have actually come on the incredible lading page. via mymodernmet


Karl Lagerfeld: Website
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Photography by Piotr Stoklosa.

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