Pretty cool strangest places on earth

There are different kinds of sophisticated towns you may found worldwide and there are different types of information you are going to finds in these different towns. Generally towns are established by various high increases, gambling establishments, tech hubs and lots more and in the advanced towns, you can discover all these things in a fascinating method . There are few towns which include all these various sectors in a strange manner in which. If you are interested to learn about these various sectors you can have a look at the link given above. Get all the details from the above link. So start searching for sex in awkward places right now. If you are trying to check for crazy places in the world, you have actually come on the outstanding website. via oddee


The town where the dead outnumber the living

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The picturesque Moroccan town that’s painted blue

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A bustling underground town is also the opal capital of the world

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A place in California that is completely off the grid

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The town in Japan where everyone wears a gas mask

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The upstate New York town that talks to the dead

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Every inch of this slum city is filled with trash

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A retirement community rife with scandal and STDs

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Kowloon Walled City still holds the record as one of the most densely populated places on Earth


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