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Birthmarks remain in the body from the birth time and some people change this birthmark into good type of art. This link some distinct pictures of birthmark and these marks look stunning after it changed into tattoos. Tattoos are the latest continuous style amongst the youth and if these youth are having a birthmark, then these youths are always on try of changing the birthmark into a tattoo. There are numerous kinds of birthmarks which can be quickly combined with different sort of tattoos. If you would like to know more on these tattoos, you can take a look at the link offered above. So start looking for brown birthmarks immediately. If you are trying to look for coolest face tattoos, you have actually stay on the amazing page. via oddee


What a better way to cover a birthmark than showing your love for your favorite band. Here is Neutral Milk Hotel’s cover art forIn the Aeroplane Over the Sea turned into a tattoo. (Source)

Tattoo near a birthmark on someone’s ass. (Source)

Another amazing tattoo work over a burn scar done by Tattoozone. (Source)

Mr.Potato Head over birthmark. By Greg Pugh (White Lotus,CA) (Source)

Anthony had a third degree burn scar covered by amazing tattoo artists, Jon Clue and Guy Aitchison. (Source)

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One kickass woman, Sheri, shared her “bra” tattoo, by Shane Wallin of Twilight Tattoo in Minneapolis, MN. Two weeks after getting her tattoo finished, she found out her cancer returned after years of being cancer free and it is unfortunately terminal. Sheri asked to put her photos out there and raise awareness. (Source)

Young Gabe decided to get his first tattoo by giving his hippo birth mark a nice pond to drink from and some trees for shade. (Source)


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