Pretty fantastic bird houses plans and designs

There are various kinds of nests you might find on the trees and these nests are typically made from the parts of the trees. There are couple of bird homes, which are made extremely artistically and all of these houses are so great in nature and the birds can quickly get brought in to these various houses . There are diversified distinct innovations that are used to form these various bird homes. The majority of these bird houses are made of steel product and there are different products which are utilized to form these various houses . Have a look at the link to get the details of it. So start looking for pictures of painted birdhouses you may need. If you’re browsing for unique bird houses designs, you have actually come on the remarkable lading page. via oddee


The design of this birdhouse is similar to the log cabin that Abe Lincoln was born and raised in. This type of cabin was constructed of hand hewn logs, a modern departure from the round log construction of the early settlers in America. (Source)

The APA birdhouse, by Portuguese designer Luis Porem, was created to be used in multiple ways, attached to a wall, on a long support pole, hanging from above or on a table top of other surface.

If you live in an apartment, but still dream of being close to nature, the Birdhouse Creative Vlaemsch could become a great discovery for you. You can admire and care for wild birds, even living in the apartment. This theme designed by young French designer Emilie Cazin joined the balcony to the green environment. This house looks like a usual wooden bird, but it has a useful base that resembles a tree branch. (Source)

This cheerful ceramic birdhouse was designed by Italian talent Alberto Caramello. A great gift for all those kids growing up eager to contribute to sustain bio diversity! (Source)

These classic designs will keep birds safe year round and add that finishing touch to your backyard with ornate architecture. (Source)

These classic designs will keep birds safe year round and add that finishing touch to your backyard with ornate architecture. (Source)

Ceramic Cupcake Birdhouse is for the sweet tooth in us all!–confection perfection! Is fun and functional–Topped with mounds of chocolate, vanilla or strawberry fudge icing and old fashioned sprinkles. (Source)

Thebird box has been designed with change-able entrance holes in four different sizes to match different sized birds. This stylish home has also been fitted with an internal ladder so chicks that are ready to leave the nest can safely make their way from the bottom of the nest and out into the open. (Source)

If you need a fun gift for a bird-lover or you are after a weekend DIY project, then a triler bird house is the answer! (Source)

Totem style birdhouse, in Victoria, BC, Canada. (Source)

These colorful creations are birdhouses made from unused gallon paint cans that includes the handle and the lid. “Lid is removable for cleaning of paint can interior.” The opening to this birdhouse has been taken care of with edging. (Source)

A birdhouse based on Mussolini’s Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana in King’s Wood, Kent, England. (Source)


Give your garden that fly-on-the-wall feel – and maybe even attract some new housemates – with the Big Brother Birdhouse. Also pretty handy for deterring short-sighted burglars, this ingenious birdhouse is shaped like a CCTV camera. (Source)

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