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There are some people who have some unusual desires in their lives and these desires can make you shocked also . If you think that adorning or gathering gowns are only desires that people have then you must go through this link to alter your thought . Here you will be familiar with about some desires that are not only special but also make your eyes bigger . These individuals and their desires are illustrated in this link in hilarious methods to make you entertained . To understand more on this topic you may go through this link. So look into unusual fetishes today. If you’re trying to check for strangest fetish, you have stay on the perfect page. via oddee



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If you’ve ever gotten turned on while listening to Jane’s Addiction’s “Been Caught Stealing,” you just might be a kleptolagniac. These theft fetishists not only enjoy stealing, but are sexually excited by the act of taking things that are not theirs. It seems they could have a really good time stealing sex toys, which could then be used in further fantasies about similar great heists. (Source | Photo)

Smoking Fetishism

The term “cock smoker” takes on a whole new meaning when you actually catch a glance of a smoking fetish website. For some, the smoking simply signifies a desired characteristic in the partner, such as rebelliousness, masculinity or self confidence, but for others the fetish really is all about the cigarette itself –the smell, the burning cherry, the loose ashes and the smoke emissions. These are the really interesting smoking fetishes because they often involve the use of the cigarette during sex, even oral sex, with the cigarette remaining dangerously close to the genitals. (Source | Photo)


If you’ve ever wondered what kind of a sicko would ever consider using the classic “Jackhammer Jesus” sex toy, then you certainly aren’t a hierophile. While most people think that religious fetishes are the epitome of blasphemy, the reality is that most of these people are actually incredibly religious and completely dedicated to their selected belief system. They are so infatuated with religion that they cross the line between loving their sacred icons and making love to these icons. (Source | Photo)

Sploshing and Sitophilia

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There are plenty of people who want to enter the Statue of Liberty out of a sense of patriotism, but many agalmatophilies have the overwhelming urge to simply see what she has on under those robes. Of course, agalmatophilia isn’t limited to just statue fetishists, but extends to all inanimate objects depicting humans, such as dolls and mannequins. While they may actually have sex with the object, the fetish is often much more about imagination than reality, which makes Lars and The Real Girl a perfect movie for anyone wanting to better understand agalmatophiles. (Source | Photo)


Everyone knows someone who never grew out of the old “farts are funny” phase that usually ends by the time high school starts, but sometimes this love of flatulence develops into less of a joke and more of a turn on. For these fetishists, a Dutch oven isn’t a punishment or annoyance, but foreplay. (Source | Photo)


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