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Somewhere over the fence there’s always a hug. (Source)

Two tiger cubs in the ams of an orangutan. (Source)

An orphaned American black bear cub hugs its cuddly toy at the Oregon Zoo and is unwilling to let go while it stays in quarantine. Brought in by zoologist Michelle Schireman, Aldo was found on April 2015 by a Medford, Oregon family who had taken it into their home but were unable to care for it. (Source)

A horse hugs a girl. (Source)

A panda hugs his keeper. (Source)

Conchita, a seven-month-old Mangabey monkey at the London Zoo, hugs a teddy bear, which is a substitute for its dead mother. (Source)

Meerkats hugging. (Source)

Polar bears and wolf dogs form an unusual bond.(Source)

Elephants require hugging before going to sleep. Scientists have not figured out why the animal craves the act, but say they will sometimes stay awake for hours if a hug is not given. (Source)

Redditor Burrito_Fiction took this stingray hug picture and calls it “the best picture he will ever take.” Turns out that stingrays at Stingray City, an area off the northern coast of Grand Cayman, are very friendly to tourists.

Jill Harness from Neatorama postedthis picture from the San Diego Zoo and wonders—are they kissing, hugging or shaking hands? (Photo)

In 2007, this photo of a massive Mastiff hugging a baby went viral and became a meme called How to Hug a Baby in 4 Steps. (Source 1 | Source 2)


Twitter user Tim Beshara of Tasmania posted this photo by Gillian Abbot, a wildlife caretaker. It shows Doodlebug, an orphaned kangaroo. He doesn’t have his family anymore, so he hugs his teddy bear. The heartwarming photo was re-tweeted over 3,000 times. (Source)


via Facebook page (Source)

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