Pretty incredible vintage urinal

Peeing is a really natural thing and for some this is very satisfying at the exact same time. As the world has ended up being more civilized and educated , individuals have actually discovered good manners and this has provided increase to urinals of various kinds. If you are looking for urinals that are far from the standard types then this is the short article that you must check out. When you click the link you will get the chance to see different amusing and strange kinds of urinals. To get more info on this topic log on to the link that has actually been offered here. So start checking out decorating men’s bathroom you may need. If you are exploring for trough style urinal, you have actually land on the cool website. via oddee


Waterfall Urinal

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Female Urinal

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Floral Urinal

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Urinal Fail

If the public urinal fails in privacy, this urinal definitely gets a prize for awkward closeness. One little spill could create a huge fight. (Source)

George Bush Urinal

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Public Urinal

I’m a big fan of being direct, of getting right to the point, of not beating around the bush, etc. But this public urinal certainly took things a little too far. (Source)

Commerzbank Headquarters Urinal

Commerzbank is a German retail banking company. Their headquarters are located in Frankfurt, Germany. The view from this urinal station is surpassed by few others in the world. (Source)

Mannequin Urinal

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Sacred Urinal

Holly Mary Urinal… seriously, how could you pee in front of her? (Source)

Explicit Urinal

This toilet should be for +18 only. (Source)

Staring Urinal

Opened in 2005 in New Zealand, this Sofitel Urinal has been designed to have a funnel like design with background carrying images of women sneaking in to catch a view of you. ‘Oolala’ is what they would utter if they see you peeing! So when you need to pee, just don’t feel shy but enjoy the beauties gazing at you! (Source)

Thermochromic Urinal


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