Pretty perfect tattoos stomach

It is a continuous trend of having some significant and smart tattoos on the body but there are exceptions of course . The link is all about such exceptions. Generally, the page accumulated some of the dumbest and meaningless tattoos crafted on the stomaches . Witnessing the pictures of the tattoos one certain trait you will simply wish to state which is ‘Vulgar ‘ and each of the tattoos reveal some course of perversions and the rest which do disappoint perversion they are everything about irrational concepts which will never appeal to your mind. Just check out the page and witness the photos to laugh about the absurd ideas. So look into best cat tattoos you always needed. If you’re trying to search for cats with tattoos, you have actually come on the amazing page. via oddee




Guns and Roses. (Source)


Did you notice the question mark in her belly button? (Source)



via: source


Fingering. (Source)


Ok, tattoos where the belly button serves as an ass or some other body opening are not uncommon, but this is definitely a disturbing cat. (Source)


The only three women he’s ever touched – or he ever will after getting this tattoo. (Source)


Here is a man with no confidence. Or at least sincere. (Source)


who would like to have this tattooed on their belly?


The belly button of this Buddha’s fan guy may in fact be 7 inches deep. (Source)



This is the best Bart bellybutton tattoo ever! (believe me, there are more). (Source)

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