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Cropping pictures is a common practice that we utilize to make our images more beautiful and perfect for the profile box too. However from a cropped picture you might not even believe the original version of the image which looks completely various completely size. There are some amusing cropped images and their complete variations are provided to make you laugh and to reveal you how the appearance changes . These images can make you amused and offer you pleasure. To look at these amusing images you need to click the above link. So search for pictures of bad girls immediately. If you’re trying to look for cropping photographs, you have land on the right post page. via oddee


Manga cropping.

The art of cropping. (Source)

Pictures can be misleading; did you expect this from the picture aboveā€¦?

Even cats need a little cropping.


Cropping: sometimes it’s an absolute necessity.

Here is proof that bad photo cropping can ruin lives. This poor kid probably didn’t hear the end of it after this photo was published. Looking back on it, it is kind of funny. (Source)


So you’ve got a hot date with someone you met on the internet?


It was supposed to be an innocent photo.

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