Pretty superb awesome facial hair designs

There are various individuals who are passionate about their own mustache and beards and you might get to see these hairs on the faces in different distinct shapes also . Every year a competition takes location and people from numerous parts of the world present their big size beard and mustache in this competition. These individuals look special for their surprising beards and mustaches in this competition which has been begun since the year of 1990. These sensational mustaches and their shapes can make you impressed . To understand more about these individuals please click on the above mentioned link. So have a look at mustaches of the world you always needed. If you’re trying to check for images moustache, you have land on the remarkable post page. via oddee



The “aviator”

Former Beard World Champion Gerhard Knapp

Gandhi Jones, 34, from Seattle, 1st Place winner in the Freestyle Moustache category in 2007

Ernst Krause from Steinau cultivated on this creation for weeks

Elmar Weiser, from Germany

Karl Heinz-Hille, winner of Imperial moustache category at the 2007 Championship in Brighton, UK

Jack Passion, a 23-year-old American crowned natural beard champion of the world at Brighton 2007


Willi Chevalier, Germany, 2001 World Champion of Full Beard Freestyle

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