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Body paintings are thought about as one of the finest art forms and if you are interested in these sort of painting then, the link is here for you. Here you will get to see some mind blowing body paintings that look so reasonable that you may think them as genuine ones at the very first glance .


In these recent days body painters are making 3d paintings on the canvas of the bodies and these paintings are unquestionably perfect. The talents of the artists are reflected in their creations and these images are truly outstanding . To take a look on their developments you may go through this web page. So have a look at most amazing body right now. If you’re looking for most amazing body, you have actually come on the remarkable page. via oddee

Alexa Meade is taking her Trompe-L’Oeil painting technique to new heights, adding incredibly vibrant colors and patterns that warp our minds and sense of reality even more. (Source)

More of Choo San’s work. What started as a way to procrastinate before her university exams (Chooo-San would start drawing eyes and other objects on her hands) has turned into very characteristic and viral drawings. (Source)

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Another work from Annie Ralli. (Source)

The hand painting above is painted by the talented London-based body painter Annie Ralli. Photographed by Ray Massey, this hand illusion is part of an advertising campaign for Ecclesiastical Insurance, a niche insurance company using the byline “You’re in good hands.” (Source)

Camouflage body art. (Source)

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Amazing efect created by teenager Chooo-San.


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