Quite awesome douglas mcdougall artist

Scottish artist Douglas McDougall creates fantastically photorealistic illustrations using charcoal as his key medium however after that he textures each work utilizing scalpel blades, greatly cut erasers and also coarse sandpaper. The detail per piece is astonishing , particularly when it comes to facial hair and also weather-beaten skin. He deal with is a mirror of the heart – for far better or even worse.


Portraiture is my method of enveloping as well as recognizing the recurring museum of human experience . The paints are to reveal that we truly are, body as well as spirit therefore look into the pictures below to be bewildered with the developments . So take a look at charcoal artworks immediately. If you’re browsing for charcoal texture, you have come on the remarkable post page. via mymodernmet


via¬†Douglas McDougall’s website

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