Quite superb what instruments were used in the middle ages

The journey that the medical science has made over the years is sensational yet there are practices, which are typical to the ancient times. It is truly interesting to note who the medical sciences advanced step by action but the most amazing trait is that there are still numerous practices which will provide you the creeps.


If you are interested to know about such medicinal practices, which have been practiced in the medieval periods then this is the short article that you ought to read . From surgical methods to unconventional medications, you will discover everything related to medical practice here. One click the link is all that it takes. So look out for surgeon tools names you always needed. If you are trying to check for dark ages diseases, you have land on the perfect page. via oddee

Hemorrhoids: Agony of the anus treated with hot irons

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Clysters: A medieval method of injecting medicines into the anus

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Childbirth: Women told to prepare for their death

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Bloodletting: A cure-all for almost any ailment

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Surgeons on the Battlefield: Pulling of arrows was a nasty business

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Blocked Bladders: Metallic catheters inserted into the bladder

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Eye Cataract Surgery: Painful procedure that rarely saved patients’ sight

Spells: Pagan rituals and religious penance as a form of cure

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Dwale: A crude anesthetic that could cause death in itself

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Surgery: Crude, blunt and horribly painful


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