Quite unique night life in iran

A photo of Iran that lots of people around the globe are familiar with is the view of Iran as a distressed country afflicted by an overbearing government , ultra-conservative ideological backgrounds, harsh executions , public demonstrations , rumors of nuclear weaponry , and also females who are forced to wear head treatments such as chador. Iranian photographer Hossein Fatemi, nonetheless, provides a peek of a completely various side to Iran compared to the image typically relayed by residential and foreign media. In


his photo collection An Iranian Journey , a number of the photos reveal an Iran that the majority of people never see. Presenting a mind-blowing check out the remarkable variety as well as contrasts that exist in the USA is this collection of photos. See them to think it on your own! So take a look at image of iran you may need. If you’re searching for pictures of beautiful iranian women, you have land on the outstanding post page. via mymodernmet














Hossein Fatemi Website
via [Visual News, Maclean’s]

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