Quite unique stormy waves

Maybe among Nature’s many mysterious jobs could be seen in clouds.The various developments of clouds are yet to be clarified fully with a rational factor. Tornado trailer Alex Schueth took anenthrallingvideo of undulatus asperatus cloud formations conforming the skies of Lincoln, Nebraska, at the time of a raging tornado.


The name ofthis uncommon cloud development means “agitatedwaves”, and also the whole thing appears like a rainy sea spinning threateningly in the sky overhead . Several photographers and tornado chasers have actually because been active in documenting other circumstances of such a remarkable cloud formation in various other places around the globe . via mymodernmet

via Photo by Sirius_Photography

Photo by Jesse Kline

Photo by @Ti_Cranium

Photo by @Ti_Cranium

Photo by Jerry Lawrence

Photo by mikku76

Photo by Zat Dude Online

Photo by wittap


via [Colossal], [PetaPixel]

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