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Guitar is the icon of iconoclastic rock music which promotes a rough and tough wild expression of creative fever. For that reason, manliness must appear in the shape of a guitar. This link comes with details of numerous guitars resembling organs of a male body or weapons.


You get to know about guitar with balls, sword guitar, naked chick guitar and weapon guitar and so on. Even you want more challenge ; you can take a 42 string guitar. Check out that do you actually have balls to play them to manifest your daunting manliness? So check out steve vai 3 neck guitar now. If you are trying to check for cool ibanez guitars, you have land on the awesome post page. via oddee

4th of July Guitar

Naked Chick guitar

Guitar + Bass + Skateboard = Skatar

Pikasso: play this 42-string guitar, if you’re man enough

Ultra Zone Guitar: for the reptile in you

Gladiator Triple Omega: some things just aren’t as sharp as this

Ibanez Tripleneck

Gun Guitar: Play and Kill at the same time

via Gizmodo

Angel Sword Guitar: plays Iron Maiden songs, slays teen pop stars

via Angel Sword Guitar

The Wangcaster: a guitar with balls


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