Really simple banksy art 2014

Where Kid Rest is a mind-blowing task by professional photographer James Mollison that has a look at children from all across the globe and also the diverse atmospheres they go to sleep in. The series provides a portrait of each child or adolescent accompanied by a shot of their bed rooms . While some have a bounty of possessions as well as a luxurious bed to rest their head on at night , the photos expose that some are not as privileged.


Mollison offers an intimate perspective of these youngsters, providing some feeling of their way of living with their personal room. Sometimes, though , it can be hard to even describe the space they oversleep as a bedroom as there is no actual bed. So search for new banksy piece immediately. If you are trying to search for new banksy piece, you have stay on the appropriate web page. via mymodernmet


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via [Street Art News and Arrested Motion]

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