Very fantastic stretch torture

Back in the mediaeval times, Europe was presented with a number of types of torture which were not just inhuman but gore to the core. Here we have a picture gallery for you where you can take a look at a few of the most gruesome treatments of torture which the particular segment of history experienced. Do take a look at the images.


Read the descriptions offered and get to know how the instruments were utilized and how the execution took place . This information graphics is certainly not for the weak hearted as it includes specific and disturbing contents which may adversely hamper ones mindset. So look out for worst form of torture immediately. If you are trying to search for stretch torture device, you have come on the best website. via oddee

The Knee Splitter: Severs the knees and other limbs

The Head Crusher: Compresses the skull, shatters teeth, squeezes out the eyes

Saw Torture: Common saw cuts victim in half

The Breaking Wheel: Designed to render vicitim’s limbs useless

The Pear of Anguish: Rips orifices, dislocates jaw bones

The Breast Ripper: Painfully tears and mutilates a woman’s breast

The Rack: designed to dislocate every joint in its victim’s body

Coffin Torture: Torture in a metal cage, pecked at by preying birds

Judas Cradle: The victim’s orifice is painfully stretched, flesh ripped

Impalement: A sharp pole is pushed, bottom upwards, through the victim’s body


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