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In these current days you will barely get an individual who does not understand about the internet and social networking sites . Now you can do anything from your house if you have an internet connection. There are some sites that are odd and you might unknown that this kind of websites exist on the web.


To get more home entertainment from the web you can go through this link and collect the names of the sites that are given with information here. To understand more on this topic you can click on the above mentioned link. So have a look at cool weird websites you always wanted. If you are searching for crazy web sites, you have actually come on the perfect page. via oddee

Not mensa ( a virtual society of idiots

via source|photo world’s best demotivator

via source|photo dating site for HIV+

via source|photo where you can pop bubbles online

via source|photo provides you with an out of this world abduction service

via source|photo provides support, resources, and info for cousin couples

via source|photo a virtual toilet museum

via source|photo sends your message to the afterlife

via source|photo dating site for discreet encounters and extramarital affairs


via source|photo

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