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Magazines are perfect for readers who like to stay abreast of developments in their industry or the most recent trends in style, charm or home entertainment. Regardless of your preference magazines provide a variety of info for readers.


This page will include some special information to your knowledge and you will be familiar with how publishers go bananas with some odd concepts. Simply take a look at page and gather the understanding on the reality and you will certainly be impressed with these strange ideas . Click to view more and to see the remarkable details that ran behind the odd magazines . So look out for girls and corpse right now. If you are exploring for strange magazines, you have come on the amazing lading page. via oddee


WTF?! behold the OMFG magazine. Not really a bizarre magazine in itself, except for the name of course.The Official Meeting Facilities Guide (OMFG) is a trade publication.


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A Bear’s Life

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Modern Drunkard

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Miniature Donkey Talk Magazine

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Girls and Corpses


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