Very simple 10 worst roman emperors

Given that the dawn of civilization there is a close connection between monarchy and religion . Sometimes religious beliefs determines the game and sometimes the video game shuffles with an emperor on a driving seat. Nevertheless, faith, as we are required to admit contains some darker sides too that insists us to think if actually religious priests are spreading out the message of peace of love.


The link is everything about the groups of Popes who had actually regrettably shown their cruel side rather of balancing consistency of humanity. Click on the link to view more and to gather understanding on this. So check out medici popes you may need. If you are trying to search for the history of the pope, you have actually come on the perfect website. via oddee

Pope Clement VII: his power-politicking with France, Spain, and Germany got Rome sacked

via Clement VII 

Pope John XV: split the church’s finances among his relatives

via John XV

Pope Urban VI: complained he did not hear enough screaming when his Cardinals were tortured

via Urban VI

Pope Innocent IV: introduced torture on the Inquisition

via Innocent IV

Pope Alexander VI: nepotism, orgies and the rise of the Borgia family

via Alexander VI

Pope Leo X: sold indulgences, killed cardinals

via Leo X

Pope John XII: raped female pilgrims and invoked pagan gods

via John XII 

Pope Benedict IX: the Pope who sold the papacy

via Sergius III

Pope Stephen VI: had his predecessor exhumed, tried, de-fingered, and thrown to the river


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