Very special body pillow for men

Pillows provide fantastic conveniences during the soothing times. A few of the coolest and incredible pillows are listed here which are not only appealing but few are even scary . The blood puddle pillow shown may be a best one for couple of and are repulsive for many .


The innovative alarm pillow is well developed to wake people by exposing the eyes to a glowing illumination . Computer wizards can use the Alt-Ctrl-Del pillows can reboot the living space . This pillow is made from the recycled bottles making them soft as well as highly resilient . The list likewise include iSleep laptop pillow which can be a good travel companion . So have a look at cuddle with pillow you always wanted. If you’re trying to check for fun body pillows, you have come on the cool web page. via oddee

Boyfriend Pillow

Boyfriend Body Pillow

Horse head Pillow

horse head plush

Pillow Book

pillow book

Rock Pillow

Rock Pillows

Girlfriend Lap pillow

japanese pillow

Pizza Pillow

Pizza Pillow

Fresh Salmon Pillow

Fresh Salmon Pillow

Tissue-dispensing Pillow

Kleenex-dispensing pillow

Emoticon Pillows

iSleep Laptop Pillow

i-Sleep pillow

Alt-Ctrl-Del Pillows

via three-pillow set

Alarm Clock Pillow

via pillow

Blood Puddle Pillow


blood puddle pillows

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