Highly cool blood paintings

We have typically seen artists using brand-new and ingenious methods to achieve a special result in their work. Some of their approaches likewise have an uncommon appeal and a shock value that brings in people ‘s eyes.


The link above shows a few paintings by Vinicius Quesada, a painter who utilizes his own blood and urine in addition to colors and pigments, to create a surreal creative effect in his works. The shades in his Blood Piss Blues series of paintings primarily include red, yellow and blue tones, which can be accentuated with these 2 natural parts for an attractive impact .

So check out blood piss you always needed.

If you are finding for painting with blood, you have stay on the cool web page. via mymodernmet


Vinicius Quesada’s website and Flickr
via [Flavorwire]

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